XtendWeb-4.6-37 and nginx-1.15.8-2 now available

  • January 24, 2019 by Anoop Alias

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What's new?


XtendWeb now integrate with the FireHol ( https://firehol.org/ ) for providing TCP SYNFLOOD protection for port 80/443  On Centos7 or CloudLinux 7  servers

* SYNPROXY will not work in CentOS6/CloudLinux6


FireHol is a complete iptables rule generator like CSF and incompatible with CSF, so you have to disable CSF and cPanel default firewall rules to use FireHol. You can customize the default firehol.conf generation using a custom template using instructions at https://autom8n.com/xtendweb/XtendWeb_Administration.html#layer7-application-layer-ddos-mitigation

Since FireHol does not have Login Failure detection(lfd) , you can use CSF and activate FireHol only when under a SYNFLOOD attack. That is CSF and FireHol can co-exist, but only one of them can be activated at a time


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PS: If you have a managed service with us, the upgrade is scheduled automatically

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