AUTOM8N-4.7-4 and Nginx 1.15.8-3 now available

  • February 18, 2019 by Anoop Alias


We are glad to announce the availability of AUTOM8N-4.7-4 and Nginx 1.15.8-3 



The minor version number for AUTOM8N plugin has been changed to  7 as this release brings in a significant change of supporting Apache httpd also in the cluster. The requirement of switching applications to Native Nginx mode for High Availability and Load Balancing is no longer present and the system runs Apache httpd, Nginx and php-fpm/lsphp on all servers. If you are running CloudLinux, AUTOM8N now syncs cloudLinux limits also to the slaves 

We have a 4-part video showing the full setup and use of AUTOM8N cluster

The cluster now support php-fpm to be used with Nginx/Apache and mod_lsapi pro and mod_lsapi free version to be used with Apache httpd


Upgrade instruction:






If you are upgrading from 4.6x release to 4.7.x please follow instructions below

1.Upgrade Plugin and Nginx and all slaves and master

yum --enablerepo=ndeploy upgrade *nDeploy* 

systemctl daemon-reload

2. Ensure the system can sync the full web stack including Apache rpm's 


# If the above command shows an error, you will need to fix the error and re-run the script. Fix error by removing conflicting rpms on slave

3. Re-run the playbook setup

cd /opt/nDeploy/conf/nDeploy-cluster

ansible-playbook -i ./hosts cluster.yml

4. Regenerate new config



NB: If you have a managed service with us, the upgrade is already completed or scheduled

Thank you,

Team A U T O M 8 N