Introducing Autom8Redis - private Redis server instance for cPanel users

  • January 4, 2023 by Anoop Alias

AUTOM8N.COM  announces a value addition to your existing subscription in 2023

Available immediately in the yum repository is a cPanel plugin that provides a private Redis instance for each user in cPanel 

What is Redis?


Redis is an open-source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache, and message broker. Since it is in-memory it can be used as a cache backend for web applications to speed up the web application.

For example, the popular CMS WordPress can use to speed up page render.

What is the problem with a standard Redis instance setup in the cPanel server shared by all users?


Standard Redis setup uses a single server instance shared by all web applications without password authentication. This is insecure as all data in the Redis server gets shared between all users and is not recommended in shared hosting 



Autom8Redis automates the start/stop of a private Redis instance for each user, which can be managed by the user from his cPanel UI. This private Redis instance is only available to the user using Unix Domain Socket under his home directory and is therefore secure

This private Redis daemon will run under the user/group credentials and the max memory of this Redis instance can be set according to the cPanel hosting plan for the user 

The plugin along with technical support is readily available for installation with your Autom8n subscription. Please follow the steps listed below to install the plugin


yum -y install

yum -y --enablerepo=autom8redis install Autom8Redis


To set max memory for each user according to the cPanel hosting plan. Add  PLAN_NAME: memory in the file /opt/Autom8Redis/plan_memory.yaml . For example, if you provide 2 plans -  starter, pro, and each need a separate memory limit, it can be added as below.

The default plan is used for all other users whose hosting plan is not mentioned specifically 


# cat /opt/Autom8Redis/plan_memory.yaml

default: 32mb

starter: 64mb

pro: 128mb



Running separate Redis instance consume memory. Please take into consideration the memory requirement especially if there are a lot of users on the server. The Redis max memory for the default plan can be adjusted accordingly

Autom8n "enterprise" plan subscription entails unlimited licenses for Autom8Redis. Please contact [email protected], if you need additional servers licensed

Wishing a Happy and prosperous New Year