XtendWeb version 4.6-8 and Nginx 1.15.3-2 now available(Major Cluster upgrade)

  • September 6, 2018 by Anoop Alias

We are glad to announce the latest version of XtendWeb available in our yum repo. While this release brings about some changes to the standalone installer, like updated Nginx and module versions from upstream and improved config, the core of changes is done in XtendWeb cluster. To reflect this we have bumped the minor version number up a level and the new rpm's will be using the 4.6.x 


Upgrade Instructions: https://autom8n.com/xtendweb/XtendWeb_Administration.html#upgrading-xtendweb-and-nginx


Please see sections below for proper upgrade of the cluster from 4.5.x or below versions

Major Improvements


1. The geo-Load balancing feature is now marked stable and XtendWeb is now using gdnsd daemon instead of geodns. All named Resource Records are supported and all DNS changes done in WHM and cPanel

are automatically propagated. The  WHM plugin UI has support to manually sync zones from named ==> gdnsd should a need arise




gdnsd also handles the DNS failover server side, making XtendWeb failover not depend on browser anymore (command line clients like wget, cURL which do not have DNS failover support etc also will failover )

Also, geo load balancing ensure the end user is connected to a single server at any time and not randomly change servers 

2. MaxScale now uses the read-write split router to scale MySQL queries to multiple servers.  While this feature was present in XtendWeb for some time, we are making an official announcement now




3. Access log merge - XtendWeb can now optionally merge access log for sites on all servers before stats processing using Awstats logresolvemerge.pl  command


The documentation has been updated -- https://autom8n.com/xtendweb/

PS: if you have a managed service with us, the upgrade is already complete or scheduled

Thank you,

A U T O M 8 N