AUTOM8N-4.9-5 now available

  • June 14, 2019 by Anoop Alias

What's New?


A complete overhaul of the User Interface and User Experiance incorporating modern design ethos

The UI and UX is expertly designed (or rather choreographed! )  by

Added support for Glances* ( ) Web UI ( Available only on CentOS7/Cloudlinux7 )

To enable : /opt/nDeploy/scripts/

You will be able to monitor the server at http(s):///glances/

with the username glances and password set during setup

* - A persistent glances process will run upon enabling which can be controlled using

     systemctl start|stop|restart ndeploy_glances

How to Upgrade?



yum -y --enablerepo=ndeploy upgrade *nDeploy*

#Cluster* (Run following on all slaves and master)

yum -y --enablerepo=ndeploy upgrade *nDeploy*   

* There is no need to re-run the Ansible playbook as this upgrade does not change anything except the UI,UX



We would absolutely love any feedbacks especially on the new UI/UX . Email us at [email protected]